Upstate Music Therapy Center specializes in providing services for individual’s ages 6 months to 21 years old.  Our services are conducted in individual, small group, or large group sessions.   Our staff travels to various settings in order to conduct therapy in the least restrictive environment.  We are committed to communicating and interacting with families related to their child’s needs and progress.


Interested in pursuing music therapy for someone you know?


Step 1 – Make A Referral


Step 2 – Music Therapy Assessment

  • Our qualified therapists schedule and conduct music therapy assessments upon receiving a referral and appropriate paperwork from a parent, teacher, therapist, the Committee on Preschool Special Education, or the Committee on Special Education.
  • The assessment includes review of current service reports, parent/teacher/therapist interviews, observations in a non-music setting, and implementation of music in a similar setting.
  • The data collected is compiled and presented in a Music Therapy Assessment Report.
  • Recommendations/Goals/Objectives are provided when there is proof of eligibility.


Step 3 – Determining Appropriate Setting for Services

  • A child under the age of 3 years old can receive services in the home, daycare, or at our center.
  • A child who is 3 – 5 years old can receive services in the home, daycare, in a pre-school setting, or at our center.
    • The Committee on Preschool Special Education determines the most appropriate setting for services when included on the IEP.
    • Parents choose their preferred setting when paying privately for services.
  • A child who is 5 – 21 years old can receive services in the home, daycare, in school, or at our center.
    • The Committee on Special Education requires services to be provided within the school setting.
    • Parents choose their preferred setting when paying privately for services.


Step 4 – Scheduling and Beginning Therapy

  • After receiving approval to begin services the assigned therapist will contact the teacher, therapist and/or parent to schedule the approved frequency of sessions.
  • Once our agency receives the IEP documenting music therapy and a start date, or a private contract from the parent, services will begin.


Step 5 – Monitoring Progress

  • Our therapists will complete and provide quarterly and annual reports to document progress, strengths and needs.
  • Our therapists are always open to receiving contacts from parents, teachers and service providers.
  • Our therapists will attend annual meetings to share pertinent information and provide future recommendations.


Additional Services:

Early Intervention: Although currently there is no funding for children under the age of 3 years old to receive music therapy, our agency offers opportunities for these children and their parents to implement this service.

Preschools: Our agency provides pre-school music therapy groups in centers and daycares.  These groups are designed to promote learning in a fun musical environment with adaptation for children with special needs.  Contact our agency for more information.

Private: We provide private music therapy sessions to individuals up to the age of 21 years old.  Please contact our agency for more information and availability.

Music Appreciation Class:  An opportunity for student to experience music in a small group.  The content will be defined according to student interest, ability and group size.  Class rate $80/hour



Presentations/Workshops: Our agency offers presentations and workshops on music therapy related topics including but not limited to;

  • What is Music Therapy?
  • Music Therapy and Autism
  • Music Therapy in Natural Environments
  • Implementing Music into the Classroom


Shadowing/Clinical Supervision: In an effort to support high school and undergraduate college students with an interest in music therapy for higher education, we are committed to offering opportunities for shadowing and clinical supervision.

  • High School Students:  A representative from your school district must refer you to our agency.  All students must then contact the agency to begin the scheduling process.  Shadowing opportunities do not exceed 5 hours of therapy session observation.
  • Undergraduate Students:  The college student must contact the agency.  If determined eligible for shadowing or the clinical supervision practicum, a referral will be made to one of our Board Certified Music Therapists.  They will contact you to set up a schedule.